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Start-Up Consulting

Many start-up founders believe that technology can be obfuscated from business and that hiring a tech person will be as straight forward as hiring a carpenter and letting him do his thing. Obviously this is absolutely not the case as, in most cases, the technology will be the backbone of your business and your business will have a huge say as to how the technology is structured, build and used.

One of the things I do for start-ups other than straight out architecture planning and development is consulting on their tech needs – not just as far as the technology itself goes, but also in the type of personel the start-up will need and how to work with them.

  • Developer or Founder?
  • How to hire a developer
    • Where to find them
    • How to vet them
  • How to work with a developer
    • Process
    • Contract structure
    • Structure and detail of wireframes delivered to the developer
  • Best technologies to use based on your projects needs
  • Considerations for your project that you might not know you need – speed, scalability, performance, storage

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