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Managing Development

The best blend of what I do for start-ups is architecting their technology while managing most of the development oversees. This usually is a more affordable option for my clients as it gives them the benefit of my vast expertise, allows them to make sure their code is clean and efficient when working with off-shore developers and provides the advantage of lower rates oversees.

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This approach includes:

  • Advising start-ups on next steps based on the current status of the project including
    • Necessary MVP features
    • Quality Assurance needs
    • Structuring wireframes
    • Structuring detailed feature descriptions
    • Outlining technology needs including security, scalability, computational power, performance.
  • Establishing the best architecture for the particular project
    • Determining the best programming languages and frameworks based on:
      • Scale of the project
      • Scalability needs
      • Security needs
      • Platform range span – web, mobile, desktop
      • Ability to find good developers that know the language and framework
    • Determining the best hosting providers and services based on:
      • Need for computational power
      • Need for scalability
      • Ease of use for client
      • Ability to find good developers that have worked with the services
  • Vetting and hiring outsourced developers
  • Building out the backbone of the project and establishing development processes
  • Leading and managing outsourced developers in the development of the technology

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