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My name is Aleksandra Maria Czajka and I’m a freelance senior software engineer. I consult start-ups in the realm of technology by developing their technologies, advising in best technical architecture for their needs, helping with hiring other developers and managing the development of their product.

My passion is technology, business and people. I love people, love working with people and highly believe that the quality of a project’s performance is deeply rooted in the passion, diligence, discipline and values of each individual involved in the project. The biggest value you can bring to a project is choosing individuals with an inherent passion for daily involvement in the project’s progress. Choose individuals dedicated to the discipline of the project’s inner workings and they will be your project’s driving force.

My background: I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a Bachelor’s in Applied & Engineering Physics and a Masters in Engineering Physics with focus on simulations in Physics. After graduating, Intel recruited me as a Software Engineer for the D1D Fab in Hillsboro, OR, where I worked on developing desktop applications and webservices to monitor the health of software applications running the chip making fab for the goal of making the fab a lights-out operation, requiring minimal human guidance. I quit Intel to work for smaller companies and shortly after started working for myself as a freelance engineer helping start-ups with the build out of their technologies.

After over a decade in the industry I have gained a full breadth of experience in the start-up field and have acquired a broad technical knowledge of the languages and tools used to make start-up dreams possible. Checkout my portfolio on my Portfolio Page.