• What is an API and an SDK?

    In web and mobile development you will encounter the terms API and SDK frequently. The term API will come into play more often during mobile development when your app is built on code native to your mobile device vs. being … Continue reading

  • Why Are Repositories (like GitHub and BitBucket) Needed?

    To developers repositories like GitHub, BitBucket, Tortoise SVN, VSS, etc. are so ingrained in what we do every day that we don’t even consider why others might question their need. Clients, however, inquire all the time as to their necessity. … Continue reading

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  • Where Business Meets Technology

    I’ve noticed something quite subtle in my many years of advising clients and listening to business-oriented people describe their technology’s build process. Being both an entrepreneur and a technologist, you tend to take for granted some very important insights that … Continue reading