Right now, Aleksandra is working on a start-up venture called Fluidity – – A real-time, codeless website editor for existing sites. Have an existing site that you’d like to edit on your own without code – please contact Aleksandra at:

Web pages shouldn’t be rigid, set in stone, inflexible, frustrating, unyielding! And especially not so to their owners! Web pages should be fluid, living, breathing, improving representations of our businesses, our projects, our passions, our dreams. Websites require web technology, yes, but so do iPhones, TVs and iPads, and most of us can move around them the way we want to. Why then can we not have the ability to hone our web presence with our changing business and the changing world simply because we don’t have the knowledge of coding? Fluidity was designed and built to do just that. Fluidity allows anyone to hone their site’s presence with their changing business without involving any code what so ever. There are other website editors out there, yes. But, Fluidity strictly focuses on sites that have already been build, are sitting around without the ability to edit because their owners have no ability to edit the code and no access to developers that have most likely moved on to other projects. Fluidity wants to take those sites and breath life into them. Take the inflexible and make it flex, take the set in stone and make it alive, take the rigid and make it – fluid.

Working with technology for 17 years, Aleksandra Maria Czajka noticed a high need among website owners that was not being met. After the sites were built, website owners still needed the ability to edit content over days, weeks, months. It’s simply natural – with the constantly changing needs of our worlds we need the ability to represent ourselves in a fashion that doesn’t dubb us out of date, that helps our clients, friends, employees find out what they need and bring us to our goals faster by telling the world who we are and what we can do. How can we ever do that without the ability to update our sites, on our own, whenever we need to without needing a skilled professional to simply update our content. Aleksandra built Fluidity to do just that. Have an existing site that needs some content attention? Please contact us at and help test out our beta.