• Basic Database Security Concepts

    In the previous two articles, Basic Client-Side Security Concepts and Basic Server-Side Security Concepts we’ve seen how we can easily get hacked on the client-side and server-side of our app. Here, let’s discuss vulnerabilities of our database architecture that any … Continue reading

  • Basic Server-Side Security Concepts

    Previously we talked about common client-side security hacks we should mitigate in Basic Client-Side Security Concepts. Server-side injections are also very common and can be very dangerous if the hackers manage to get to the database or use your server-side … Continue reading

  • Basic Client-Side Security Concepts

    As mentioned in a previous article Front-end, Back-end and database-side – The Structure of an App, server architectures can get pretty complicated. The more sturdy and secure you want your application to be the more complicated it will get. I’ve … Continue reading